x for xtimes: AtoZ Blog Challenge

The possibility of converting a chronos into chiros is available in the liturgical year, when we come to acknowledge and mark the milestones of salvation along the course of human calendar in the Liturgical year. Its fitting that we keep the times as Anno Domini, Year of our Lord. During every Liturgical year as in Calendar years, the church offers times of grace that we can access, the mercy of God we can bask in and the strength to carry on and mature as a child of God. Though we were not there two thousand years ago, all the salvific blessings can be ours if we enter in faith. The Lord provides us the same through the action of the Holy Spirit.

O is for Omnipotence, Orthodoxy, Orders

O is for Orthodoxy, literally translated “right belief” – The belief As the Lord taught, As the Apostles preached and As the Fathers of the Church preserved. The Church’s duty is to teach and preach the gospel as mandated by Christ the Lord. And in order to accomplish this our Blessed Lord set the church on the foundation of the twelve apostles and Christ Himself being the corner stone.(Eph 2:20) The teaching must adhere to what was taught in the Apostolic times. One such way this is maintained is the unbroken chain of Apostolic Succession through which Holy Orders have been passed on.