K is for King’s Highway: AtoZ Blog Challenge

Alon the highway when we get low on gas, we dread running out of fuel. We look for the nearest station and wonder how far our remaining gas will take us. When we run out of grace on the King’s highway, we can easily fill ourselves as the Grace of God is always available plenteously, only if we desire it. Unlike the gas, God’s grace need not be purchased, for it has been bought by the precious blood of the Son of God.

I is for Inspiration – AtoZ Blog Challenge

Inspiration is from above – the source of inspiriation is the Holy Spirit. God’s word is inspired
The word inspiration signifies inbreathing or breathing into. By this term we understand the
action of God the Holy Spirit upon the minds of the writers of the Bible, whereby they were
enabled to deliver in writing God’s message to man. “Holy men of God spake as they were
moved (or carried along) by the Holy Ghost”(2 St. Pet. i.21)

H is for HIS Resurrection

Easter 2012:A Moving Holy Communion Hymn – reflecting on the real presence of Christ at theAltar sung by Jim Daniesl, Steve White and Maureen Akamihe at St. James Anglican Church, Kansas City USA of the Diocese of Holy Trinity and Great Plains of the Holy Catholic Church Anglican Rite

G is for Grave – AtoZ Blog Challenge

From the death of Abel until the time of our Lord’s Passion, grrat numbers of souls had
passed out of this life into the unseen world. These disembodied souls were in a place of safe-keeping in what is known as the” intermediate state,” by which we understand the state of the departed between death and the
last judgment. St. Peter describes some of these souls as “the spirits in prison,” and
tells us that our Lord visited the realms of the dead after His Passion, in order that He might
announce to them the glad tidings of his victory over Satan

AtoZ Blog Challenge:D is for Doctrine, Dogma, Didache

At Saints windows, an official asked, “Is he in the Bible?” The official was hesitant to accept anything not in the Bible as true and wasn’t impressed by the 2000 years of Christian History that our church still holds onto. I was saddened by the way this person must have been taught. Not the fullness of doctrine but, only the doctrine cherry picked by her pastor.