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Should deacon, priest, or bishop travel in clericals? What about when traveling on an airplane? I always travel in clericals,...

Capt Walt Swindells RIP

I learned of the passing away of Capt Walt Swindells, the Trustees Warden of HILLSPEAK, ANGLICAN DIGEST, OPERATION PASS ALONG today. Our heartfelt condolences to his family and all at Hillspeak. I remember and miss him as a friend, former parishioner and strong defender of the Continuing Church Movement. He was the doyen of the movement in his own right, while firmly believing in the orthodoxy of the movement and reaching across the globe to help out missions with needs – books, vestments etc. HILLSPEAK became the hub for the publication of The Certain Trumpet, a news bulletin of the Fellowship of Concerned Churchmen.

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After I read My Emily, I imagined a scene in Heaven, before Emily came to earth. It goes like this: God’s new creation, an adorable golden-haired little beauty, stands before her Heavenly Father with the light and love of The Creator reflecting in her almond-shaped blue eyes. She’s one of the special beings He’s created with a heart that has the highest capacity to love, and a heartwarming never-ending smile. I imagine Emily giving her yes, her fiat, to a mission to leave Heaven for just a little while, to be born into a particular family, to touch their hearts and lives and forever change them, as well as leave behind a legacy that will bless humanity.

Feast of Saint. Joseph

  Above “Adoration of the Magi”captured on my iphone from Nelson Atkins Museum, Kansas City. March 19 the Feast...

Statement of the College of Bishops – HCCAR on Conscience and Religious Freedom

Today, there rages in our nation a debate about the role of conscience, and the authority on which it rests. We wonder at how anybody outside the religious sphere is competent to determine what is conscionable, and what is not. The state does not have the right to arrogate to itself the power to determine what constitutes one’s moral obligation, as it pertains to conscience. Let us never forget that the First Amendment to the Bill of Rights guarantees no prohibition against the free exercise of religion.

Saint Patrick’s Day

HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY As the world revels in Saint Patrick‚Äôs Day, named after the Apostle of Ireland, we...