Where Anything Is Okay

Its difficult to refrain from reacting to instances like this. Check this out: “Back by popular demand and once again stripping off for a charity calendar � but this time they�re getting wet!” These are the doings of an Anglican boys choir. The 2005 Heavenly Hunks Calendar will be the third calendar for which members of Portsmouth Cathedral Choir have posed. And note what their Bishop had to comment on this:

The Bishop of Portsmouth, The Rt Rev Kenneth Stevenson, has fully endorsed this project, which has been set up by the Portsmouth Cathedral Choir Association, and said: “‘I support anything that involves young people having fun as part of the church and congratulate these lads who have bared more than their souls to raise money for these charities!”

It is instances like these people have to put up with in today’s world whether it is ECUSA or the Anglican Church. The church is meant to teach and educate its faithful in faith and morals, as a faithful steward until the Lord comes. That is what Christ meant when He said, the Counselor will reprove the world of sin (because they don’t believe in me), of righteousness (because I am away and gone to the Father), and of judgement (because the prince of the world is judged).
The second reproval is worth considering. Even though the Master is away, we cannot do anything and everything and teach people to do the same. The responsibility of the church is to take care of His flock faithfully in accordance with His words.
Wait a minute! Here’s more!

The latest regarding Bishop Gene Robinson, is that he is reinterpreting the Gospel to fit his homosexual agenda. In the latest Christian Challenge, there is a reference to this fact. Gene Robinson seems to have alluded to the fact that Christ could have been gay himself, because one of his disciples, it was said, he loved the most and he hung around in groups of men. Can you believe it? This is the path down which they are leading their flocks. We have responsibility to safeguard and teach. We will be judged on this. Here is a watch word for the clergy: More has been given to you; much will be expected of you.
A word of caution to those that are disenchanted with ECUSA and are wanting to join the Anglican Communion: Such a consideration is worth pondering in terms of instances and issues like these — homosexuality, abortion, etc. It is not just ECUSA becoming wayward.
Some argue that Christ had not said anything openly about these practices. However, if we worship God in SPIRIT and TRUTH, the Spirit of the Living God will make everything clear, when you ask for His guidance with the sincere heart.

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