Six Priests Face Suspension

Christianity Today has a story of the six priests from Connecticut who are facing suspension from their ECUSA bishop Smith. Extolling their courage in the face of impending threat from their hierarchy, I have touched base with one of their senior wardens. I have also touched base with the Rector of Christ’s Episcopal Church in Overland Park, KS, and another Rector in Lexington, KY. But unfortunately, as has been customary, they are looking forward to an Episcopal oversight from Africa and want to remain within the Anglican Communion.
However, there are also problems within the Anglican Communion under the direction of present leadership. Homosexuality is very much prevalent among the clergy — should that alone be the criterion for their stand.
If there are seekers of tradition and orthodoxy among any of them wanting to join the Anglican Communion, their effort is tantamount to jumping from the frying pan into the fire. Homosexuality alone should not be the criterion for their decision. Where does their church stand on abortion, euthanesia, justice and the values of the Kingdom that Jesus preached?
As we have assured them of our support and prayers, we pray that they will behold the truth and embrace it in its entirety.

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