Is ‘Homosexuality” An Issue of ECUSA Alone?

The answer is no.
The following is not meant to put anyone down but to inform people what they are getting when they seek an alternative within the Anglican Communion in place of their present predicament within ECUSA.
In my previous reference to the homosexuality issue, I made a point that it is not an issue of ECUSA alone and that even the Anglican Communion is no exception:

The Anglican Bishop of London, Richard Chartres, has warned his gay clergy to end homosexual relationships or face disciplinary action, reports The Sunday Times. Bishop Chartres leads a diocese in which the proportion of gay priests is estimated at 30 to 40 percent, the highest in the Church of England. Many live with their companions, often describing them as “lodgers.”

Or read this, where the Canon Jeffrey John, who would have become Britain’s first openly gay bishop but for a storm of protest from Anglican conservatives. This is a repeat scenario of ECUSA’s Gene Robinson, the only difference being that Gene Robinson gladly embraced it at the cost of demoralizing and hurting ECUSA and the other did not. And this interview with one of Canon John’s supporters.
Hence, a word of caution to those looking for a reprieve from ECUSA and seeking solace within the Anglican Communion: Know what you are embracing. Don’t be naive and vulnerable.
Come be a part of the UECNA, a tradition that seeks to guard and defend, instruct and guide its faithful without compromising any aspect of the “faith once given to the saints.” Our responsibility is enormous. It is our duty to pass this faith untainted to the generations to come.