Trinity — The God I Know, Worship and Love

Do we know and love the God we believe in? This is a good question for Trinity Sunday. We believe in One God, the Father who created us (remember the picture of Michaelangelo’s creation of man, God the Father depicted as the graceful grey haired grandpa), the Son who redeemed us (Jesus who died for our sins to save us through His passion, death and resurrection, ascension and His glorious return) and the Holy Spirit, the Lord the giver of Life, whose life we are still breathing, who is the spirit of wisdom, counsel, understanding, knowledge and the fear of the Lord.
These days our church is revisiting the Nicene Creed and studying the affirmation of faith laid out in the creed in our Christian Education classes, going back to our roots. It is wonderful to see how the entire church came together at Nicea and reaffirmed the divinity and humanity of Christ, at a time when Arius began floating heresies about the nature of Christ, that Christ was only human and not divine. Today we are revisited by the same heresies. Some liberal Christians (can there be liberal ones if we believed in the words of our Lord) continue to twist the truth. We are silent about them. Good to think of this during the season of Trinity. As we celebrate the truth of the Godhead, the Trinity in unity, intellectual ascent alone is not enough. We need to hear, touch and feel God in our everyday lives.

It is also good to consider on an experiential level, who is the God I worship, in whom I live, move and have my being. Is He a God far removed from my cares and worries or one who is close to me? God so loved the world that He donned humanity in His only son who was like us in everything but sin. He knows our every motion and emotion. It is with His spirit that we reach out to Him whenever we call on HIM.
This very son came to bridge the gap that existed between God the Father and humanity and taught us to call Him ABBA, DADDY. It is only with the help of the Holy Spirit that we can call Him in such an endearing term. Even if some of our earthly fathers have let us down, He is THE FATHER and He will never ever let us down because He is faithful.
Even as we read, just take a deep breath and call on Abba, Jesus and the Spirit. Sometimes it is good to call on God even as we take a breather. This is what the saints called UNION WITH GOD. You become so conscious of God’s indwelling Spirit within you that you have a hotline always: you can be connected anytime. Let us try this today and be aware of His love and care. God is not too busy to care about you. Each one of us is precious unto Him.
God my Father, thanks be to thee for thy Son my savior and your life-giving Holy Spirit. Guide me along and lead me on through this day, that I may accomplish thy Holy will and find happiness and peace.

Holy Days Celebration