On Leading and Misleading

In this time of turbulance caused by the mainstream ECUSA, it is great to ponder on the role the Fellowship of Concerned Churchmen played during the 1977 Congress of St. Louis and the Affirmation of St. Louis which resulted. The mission of their magazine, The Christian Challenge, is to promote and safeguard orthodoxy. It was during the time of the 1977 St. Louis Congress that the UECNA began its journey of adhering to the faith already, when ECUSA wanted to tamper with the Book of Common Prayer.
It is good for the continuing churches do an examen of conscience and see whether we are the custodians of faith and morals, a responsibility that we need to be conscious of. On Midwest Conservative Journal, I agree with EJN’s comment on the Tradition of the 1928 Book of Common Prayer, whose theology and liturgy we observe very meticulously. I am a priest of the United Episcopal Church of North America who focusses on the origin of our traditions which are Biblically sound, sacramentally orthodox and Apostolically valid. I believe that all the like-minded continuing churches can together and lead the people of God, preserving and protecting the ‘faith once given to the saints.” The differences among the many continuing churches are not that of theology but that of churchmanship.
May His Spirit lead us on toward this unity which Jesus prayed for, “that they may all be one.” Grace and Peace.