Matthew Fox’s “95 Theses” or Articles of Faith for the New Millenium

Check out this post on Midwest Conservative Journal, “It’s The Matthew Fox Show,” regarding Matthew Fox’s attempt to mimick Luther but in reality puking liberalism through his 95theses. Mathew Fox is former Roman Catholic priest turned Episcopalian who spews liberal ideologies. I just went to his website and read the very first of his “theses,” “God is both Mother and Father.”
God is the embodiment of all attributes like Truth, Beauty and Goodness. If one would like to perceive the mother in Him, based on one’s own unique and personal experience of a mother, so be it. But to proclaim this as an edict? Wait just a minute. For us the basis is the Gospels and the fact that Jesus, through His incarnation, came to establish a rapport between God the Creator and humanity in the most endearing term, Abba, Daddy. Did Jesus ever refer to God as mother? This should be the basis to operate on. (I am sure this point is very well within the Roman Catholic Theology’s ambience).
While everyone is welcome to opine, this is an example of people going overboard and declaring their personal whims as a dogma of faith. Hardline liberals are doing this within ECUSA.
This is also happening with liberals inside the Roman Catholic Church. Is the perception of ‘God as mother’ a matter of salvation? Absolutely not. But is the belief in GOD a matter of Salvation? YES, as long as we believe in God who created us and the Son who came to reveal the Father’s love through His passion, death and resurrection and the Holy Spirit who continues to vivify and guide the church. However, in terms of perceiving one’s personal relationship to God, that’s fine, as long as the basis is the “Scripture and Tradition” of the Church, that has survived 2 millenia of human history.