On Mathew Fox’s mimic of Luther

I read a few more of Mathew Fox’s mimicry of Luther. Whether you are Roman or Episcopalian, you are basically Christian and therefore need to check out your basic tenets of Christianity.
If you are trying to form a cult of your own which is a conglomeration of all religions — especially and mostly Hinduism (in the midst of which I grew up with for forty years as a Christian), then go for it. A Hindu believer would embrace Fox in a second. If this is where you find your salvation, then please move on.
Monotheism is what the Scriptures and Apostolic Tradition has taught us to believe in, which we have come to believe, the faith for which millions gave up their lives defending. This does not mean that I have no respect for other religions. But to me Christ is unique and He is my savior and Lord. If ECUSA and people like Fox want to flaunt a new religion, let them go ahead, but not under the name of CHRISTian.