One of the media folks called me the other day and asked me if my church or I opposed The Promise Keepers event in Northwest Arkansas. This is what I said in a reply to one of my members:The Promise Keepers event is a wonderful thing, making men better husbands, fathers and brothers. Our Bishop thinks that this is a blessing and the fact we are not actively involved in our support of this event, in no way means that we are opposing it. Those who are opposing this event are those who deny the role of womanhood. And therefore, think that a spiritual gathering as this would be a threat to their ideosyncracies, such as the revival of Patriarchy. Both men and women are equally aware of the complimentarity and therefore in today’s context to think so would be out dated. Bringing men closer to God and to the Country is what every organization must accomplish.
As I went to celebrate the Eucharist in Spanish last night, I realized that some men had gone to the event. Also, one of our members Dr. Johanson and his family has been actively involved in the event.
God bless all those who have made this event possible.