Mumbai faces it again

Terrorism is not something new for the Mumbaivasi. Last time that it happened in the 90’s it was car bomb blasts. This time it was ‘spectacular’ to reckon with Al Queda’s standard. Rush hour, Commuter Trains, Synchronized attack in seven stations… brilliance of an evil mind. A typical commuter train is usually full, with barely space to stand. During the rush hour, all one wants is something to hang on to, to get home and one can imagine the number of fatalities and casualties!
Our thoughts and prayers are with all those who have lost their loved ones. Whoever these terrorists are working for, certainly they can not win favor with God, in whose name these ruthless persons savage innocent lives.
What is feared worse is the communal violence – the aftermath of the terrorist attack. The terrorist know well what kind of flame to stoke and where. This time again they have planned to stoke the communal flames. There were several attempts to heal the strife and strengthen national integration, one of them being Mani Ratnam’s Bumbai(1995). We pray that good will prevail among the people and they recognize the common enemy – Terrorism.