For some time, this wolf in sheep’s clothing remained only a figment of imagination, until my friends Dr. and Mrs Roman showed me a stuffed animal–a wolf, with a sheepskin cape. How tantalizing is the wolf under the skin of a sheep. This article in the Agape press speaks of “complete lack of marital and sexual discipline for the clergy” in mainline Protestant denominations — namely the Episcopal Church USA.” This lays bear those wolves that have taken shelter and appear to be placid across the spectrum of Christianity and ministry, in HIS name.
Moral integrity is a hallmark of a man of God. If one is found wanting, one should not opt for this ministry, because this is not a marketplace but is a shepherding business for God, where souls are in jeopardy. And also being a clergy is a leadership position that is entwined with being exemplary. Holiness of the daily grind is required of a clergy. Everyone needs to answer his own conscience in accepting this great responsibility of pastoring souls. Commitment to one’s spouse in thought, word and deed is expected of a minister of God. If there are those who want to make mends in their lives, religiosity is not a cloak to hide oneself in. A humble and contrite heart, O Lord you will not spurn, as the psalm says. The Lord’s mercy is always available plentiously. Many sinners have repented and become saints. It’s more about repentence than the sin. The dictum of Jesus to the woman caught in adultery is very clear: “Go and sin NO MORE” This is good for all at all times.
Its time to take a good look at your church leaders. If they are dodging the essentials, then that needs to be questioned. If they are found wanting, in marital fidelity, in lifestyle, in protecting children, these are red flags. Kendell Harmon, the oft quoted Anglican Theologian says,

the Christian standard is very clear — those who are single need to be abstinent, and those who are married need to be faithful.

If that is basic for a Christian, how much more essential is it to a church leader.