Morality hangs in a balance:Philosophy of Social Constructivism

Sitting in a counseling class room, during a class on Ethics, I often had to make my stand clear with a particular professor who was trying to make his tenure. He lacked moral backbone. Every time he visited an issue of morality, he would hang in the air, not having any moral stand. Be it abortion, euthenesia… Soon I figured that this was not the climate for me. I would visit with him during the break and revisit my stand on the given moral issue of the day. He would tell me invariably this each time: “Fr. Leo, I am sure you are the most compassionate human being I have met. Your work in the Tsunami Relief or Katrina disaster have touched me. But won’t you extend your compassion to a same-sex couple coming to your church for counseling?” Each time I told him, yes I would receive them and visit with them. But as a professional counselor, if their lifestyle goes against my conviction and belief system, I would recommend them to a counselor who is at home with the said couple because, as a religious leader, I would need to speak the truth in love. Then he would counter agrue the point that my profession as a counselor is being mixed up with my profession as pastor. My answer to him was that I would do this as I fear God and I would want to do my best to help them. If I were to approach them as a pastor, while embracing them,I would certainly tell them what the problem is, of course stemming from the Scriptural roots. This struggle went on all through the semester that I was in that session. Then finally I had to quit as the climate became so liberal that it was becoming hostile. Of course he would often revisit his theory on social constructivism. The college years are times of fun. Besides those years are when convictions are strengthened, challenges of life are met, marriage, job, owning a house, family, children. What could such a guy offer, if his own life boat is not secure and here he is advising young ones. Thank God, most of my classmates were seasoned men and women, who felt comfortable with their own moral stands.
The current moral crisis perpetrated by ECUSA’s leadership emerges from the ECUSA leadership’s dearth of morality and in its dalliance with the philosophy of Social Constructivism which emphasises how meanings and understandings grow out of social encounters. And this is even stretched to describe the point of morality. God’s word is subject to such a lucid interpretation that the faith and morals are thrown to the wind. Some churches and their leaders have been exchanging truth for lies. Here is today’s Letter to the Editor visiting the Mazes and Grishams in their own den. Many who have walked this path before us, have visited the same situation and have laid out codes of morality. There is wisdom in what our predecessors who have been God fearing men who walked the face of the earth have said. There is wisdom if only we would turn to the basics, Scripture, Tradition and Reasoning – of course the right kind of reasoning.