Beware of your shepherds

The proponants of loose morality are looking for new hermeneutics to defend their stance.

The Christian church has a deeply flawed understanding of sex that has led to morally groundless objections to masturbation, birth control, abortion and homosexuality, says a leading Canadian Anglican bishop.
In particular, the church has been wrong for centuries on the notion that sex exists only for the purpose of procreation, Right Rev. Michael Ingham, bishop of the Greater Vancouver Diocese of New Westminster, told a conference in Ottawa last night.
“Christianity as a religion stands in need of a better theology of sexuality,” he said, “a better understanding of the complex role sexuality plays in our human nature and of the purposes of God in creating us as sexual beings.”

We need to ask the Holy Spirit to discern who our leaders are. Some of them are wolves in sheep’s clothing.
Thanks to watchtowers and defenders like Christopher Johnson, who have been keeping track on such frivolous interpreters of faith and morals.
How important it is to follow Christ and at times be looking for the ‘heart of the matter’of God, of course, in our clergy.
In reference to the Canadian Anglican Bishop’s remarks above: Again the demarkation between grace and sin, grace and disgrace, virtue and sin seem to be in denial among the proponents of the politically correct clergy who want to go along with the societal take and flow on morality. Whether it has cultural endorsement or not, morality does not depend on majority opinion but fidelity to what the Lord has called us to. How eroded the mind of even some clergy who are supposed to be watchtowers and fail to be watchdogs on faith and morality. That’s part of their calling. Sad that there are more Spongian followers than followers of Christ these days even among the shepherds of the flock. Warped consciences. Warped hermeneutics and warped individuals. What a shame! We can only pray the Lord open their hearts and minds and plead for His mercy. As for those who fear the Lord, listen to your heart, listen to your conscience and see if they are in accordance with God’s Eternal Word. Ultimately,we can cling only to His everlasting mercy. Good for us to remind ourselves of the concern that Jesus had:

“However, when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on the earth?”(Lk 18:8)