I have heard you calling in the night

Just got back from Washington Regional Hospital after visiting and giving Communion to Jean Chase. Last night, in my dream, I received a call from Jean Chase. “When are you going to come and see me?” she said. Immediately she slammed the receiver down.
This morning, I called her home phone. No response. I stopped by her house and rang the door bell. No bark of Phoebe or any answer. I then called her sons, one in Seattle and the other in Rogers and left them messages. In the meantime, my wife tracked her down at Washington Regional and she put me on the phone. I got a busy signal. I tried her a few minutes later and here she was. I told her of my dream. She said, “O my word! Did I do that?” How mysterious the Lord’s ways! When we chatted this evening, we both agreed. She said, “Maybe the Lord knew I wanted you to visit me.” Anyway, before leaving I told her to stay out of my dream tonight. She smiled so gracefully and said “Just for tonight, I will not”