Of Chocolate Jesus & of Sense and sensibility

Freedom combined with sense makes us considerate of another’s ethos, even in art expressions. We are all aware of Prophet Mohammad’s depiction and the uproar it caused. Why should Christians not defend what is sacred to them? Why should some croon under an artistic license denigrate the image of the only son of God? In the order of Madonna poised upon a cross for entertainment, the claim of the discovery of Christ’s bones (ossuaries)as an archeological evidence, now, the chocolate figure, joins the gallery of shame. All these are a definite attack on the Christian faith and it’s time we defend our faith.
Someone said that radical Christianity is a form of fundamentalism and likened it to fundamental Islam. Even if so, radical Christianity is a call to fidelity–fidelity to faith and morals. To love the Lord and neighbor, why, even love one’s enemies is what we are called to follow radically. Jesus lived and died and rose for this very same principle. No greater love hath a man than to lay down his life for his friends. We need to be proud of this deep faith in the son of God who loved us and gave himself for us. He did not ask us to kill anyone in God’s name, for Christians to be likened to some of the fundamentalists in Islam. But if we loved God radically, our society would not allow for such nonsense–to say no to such aberrations.
Our message is simple. Whatever type of artist one may be, there is no license to offend the religious sense of the people. If it does, it should be abhorred. If one still wants to express anything and everything, we as Christians have the freedom to defend what is sacred to us. As for the chocolate rendition, it’s an abomination for God to be caricatured in such an art form. For a true Christian, Easter is about Christ crucified and risen. For the secular, Easter is about chocolate. It’s an unholy alliance.
Go and do something else to make a buck or to win popularity, and not through such means that offends our religious sentiments. No, not in God’s name again!
The content of expression points to the Savior crucified, the timing of it is the season of lent, when we commemorate the passion, death and resurrection of our Lord and Savior. If one is familiar with the Stations of the Cross, it is station number 10 that has been displayed in this chocolate rendition. To all Christians who love the Lord, its time that we stood up for our convictions and not let the gift of freedom of expression do damage to what is dear to us – our Christian faith. What this type of freedom has done is to come down on Christianity, under the name of separation of church and state, while making it a haven for other religions to express themselves freely. Just look at the public schools and the way they make allowance for other religious celebrations. If freedom of expression allows respect for other religious expressions, then treat Christianity on the same token. Everyone else gets a piggy back ride on the freedom of expression, except Christians. Sadly the founding fathers are not here to vouch for what they had founded this great nation upon, Judaic Christian principles. Try this in any of the countries which are predominately Muslim and there would be zero tolerance. Within countries which allow freedom of speech in paper, but not in practice, this nonsense would be met with resistance or stifled to death. Sadly this happens only in America, where we let others thrive and infringe on our own religious expression.
Should someone think this is an overreaction on the part of Christians, then I would say try ridiculing others’ faith and then you will know the truth and see the difference. You will see how tolerant Christians have been, during the tirade of mockery that has been unleashed on us under the name of freedom of expression.