Well Done Jake Byrne!

Congratulation to our son, Jake Byrne, for his hard work and dedication in football that has earned him a scholarship from the Razorbacks , here as well as other offers from top notch schools across the nation. Jake, you have used your God-given strength and talent and worked hard to excel. You’re a good kid and we are proud of you and are looking forward to an exciting Senior Year as well as your college years. May God lead you on the path He has intended for you and may you continue to be a blessing to others, as God has blessed you. We, at St. Gabriel’s in Springdale AR are very proud of you and thank God for you.
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One comment on “Well Done Jake Byrne!
  1. Congratulations Jake! Best wishes in seeking His will for your future. And how do I put this delicately? Hmmn. OK, here goes: speaking as an OU grad, please give Bob Stoops a call before you make any rash decisions. 🙂
    Fr. Don

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