Inaugurating (neo) Anglicanism in America?

Some are ushering in or claiming to inaugurate Anglicanism in the USA and declaring the United States as a mission territory, it seems. Over the past three decades, without big media bash, there are and have been continuing churches who have faithfully carried on the true Anglican spirit and mission. Shepherds are welcome to guide the flock of Christ from anywhere they want. But the question remains: will they be shepherds after the heart of apostles without compromising? Will they be faithful to the tradition and values taught by the Apostles of Christ, who loved the Lord and gave up their lives for Him and His Church?
And yet how many of the so called ‘neo-Anglicans’ that Abp. Haverland of the Anglican Catholic Church referred to, can be true to the faith and tradition of the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church? Check any of the churches that claim Anglicanism for the following:
1) Fidelity Scripture (God’s Holy Word as essential for salvation)
2) Fidelity to the Sacraments (Some claim to have had change of heart all in a sudden, though they have taught and ingrained in their congregation a non-sacramental views over the years. The veracity of their conversion remains to be seen)
3) Fidelity to Apostolic Tradition: How many have been faithful to the apostolic tradition of male clergy. Where do they stand on women’s ordination? Adherence to the tradition does not mean disregard for womanhood. We esteem the women of our church as they are a big strength in the life of the church. How many of them have embraced the paths of the Episcopal Church USA and the Church of England in compromising with these apostolic traditions. How about the theology, the liturgy, the faith and morals and all that the apostles practiced and taught, lived and died for.
If we care for the fostering and defense of faith once delivered unto the saints, then these three components do really matter, namely Scripture, Sacraments and Tradition. If any one of these is lacking, you know that those who are trying to sell Anglicanism are being untruthful. True Episcopalians, true Anglicans began continuing their journey thirty years ago as churches. They continue to remain very much the fabric of Anglicanism. Look around and you’ll see them.