Overseas oversight debacle

In the context of the ongoing crisis within ECUSA , Anglican Communion and its aftermath, churches have been quick to jump into seeking oversight from overseas–outsourcing pastoral oversight. But, do the churches really get the oversight as promished?
Dedicated orthodox members of All Saints Anglican Church, Evansville, IN were betrayed due to lack of oversight, when their church was stripped of all Anglican tradition. Then they approached us. They have been part of the Anglican Church Network (Orthodoxy minus homosexuality, though orthodoxy includes aspects such as ordination to women priesthood, contrary to the apostolic tradition of which they are equal partners with ECUSA). Then they embraced the southern cone (Bolivia) in their desire to be part of the Anglican Communion. There was a perestroika in their former church, where according to their rector, “the kneelers, bowers and scrappers” (traditional Anglicans) had no place in the church. This is a third exodus for this congregation and there was no oversight at all, when the faithful needed their bishop to curb the unbridled changes inflicted on the faithful. The search for an orthodox home, a place for worship and a home to belong began all over again. And now they have found an orthodox Anglican home that Biblically Sound, Sacramentally Orthodox, Apostolically Valid.
So, now you see why we don’t put much stock in the overseas oversight. This is reminiscent of John 10. A hireling is a hireling. A Shepherd is a shepherd. Mere distance is a sufficient factor in its inability of a shepherd to defend the orthodoxy of faith and tradition.
Dear faithful anglicans, our thirty years of fidelity in fostering and preserving the ‘faith once delivered unto the saints’ should be enough proof. Here’s an appeal to the Anglicans within the USA: Do not outsource your pastoral oversight. For they will not know what’s going on within your faith community locally. We are here to serve you, The Continuing Church Movement – ACC, APCK, UECNA and HCC. Look for them if your congregation needs pastoral oversight. Our journey began thirty years ago when we chose to defend our people from the perestroika that was ushered in by the then ECUSA and you know where things have gone from there.