Notes from St. Louis

After the ordination of Rev. Jack Shrode in Evansville IN, a faithful deacon for 36 years, I stop to write this note. Read a posting on virtue online, that undermines the effort of collaboration amont the three- ACC, APCK and UECNA. Its in this context I would like you to read the following post:
If we fear God and are open to the workings of the Holy Spirit, why should an attempt towards unity -“Father that they maybe all one” be reflected in such a poor light and poor taste?
Regardless of how “new” one is to the continuing church movement, what is important is that we recognize our mission and role in the context of the exigencies of our times and do something about it.
The proof is in the pudding. UECNA has three decades of unflinching fidelity in the continuum and our faithful are being cared for with pastoral concern. If this is not the yardstick of fidelity, then a church should desist from being a church. Punditry, skepticism or desktop opining is not what has kept the UECNA going. Pastoral care of the daily grind—nourishing of the faithful by Word and Sacraments, care of the sick and elderly, care of the young and their spiritual growth and formation, service to the community—has been the hallmark of our presence and mission. For those who are skeptical about our churches, they are welcome into any of our church families to see for oneself.
We will continue as faithful Anglicans, following the 1928 Prayer Book liturgy, fostering the faith once delivered unto the saints and continuing in our commitment to the Lord and His people in being Biblically Sound, Sacramentally Orthodox and Apostolically Valid. We will continue to stand by our creedal faith statement, “I believe in holy catholic and apostolic church.” That’s the church for which the apostles and martyrs laid down their lives, in love, for Christ and His body – the church. The Catholicity (universality) is not newly found terminology to appease anyone. Nor is it a pretext for the benevolent eyes of Rome to befall on us while we wait to be hitchhiked by them, let alone that catholicity is not synonymous with nor the monopoly of Rome alone. Catholicity is the right of every Christian who believes in Scripture, Sacraments and Apostolic Tradition within which salvation is offered for all.
As shepherds, we are accountable to the Good Shepherd and therefore we continue our pastoral work with utmost consciousness of being in charge of souls that belong to the Lord. So, Fr. Sam or any priest or deacon who wears their heart on their sleeve in working for the spread of the Gospel and mission in the traditional Anglican way, please continue on. Clergy of your caliber is what Anglicanism and the Continuing church needs at this time
Are we seeking publicity and grandiose alliance, at any cost-compromising here and there? Certainly not. But the consciousness of the purpose of our beginnings should be what motivates us in the diligent execution of our pastoral responsibility. We will continue our work as we have done in the past and leave the skeptics to their own opining.
The chaos caused by grand alliances and big names in the Anglican pastoral arena of the United States has necessitated the efforts of these three to come together and work for the people. Why it did not happen in the past, is not our concern. What we can do now, in helping every faithful Anglican find a stable home, is what is relevant. Reminiscent of Christ’s words, a hireling is a hireling, a shepherd is a shepherd, and we will continue to be shepherds. We claim the words of Joshua, “As for my house (church) we will serve the Lord” until He comes again. Regardless of what pundits say, we will continue to work with the consciousness of being stewards and servants of the people entrusted to our care!