By God’s Grace

Divine Providence has been gracious to the Holy Catholic Church Anglican Rite with the wondrous gift of the enthronement of Bp. Henry King, who succeeded Bp. David Seeland as the Bishop Ordinary, by Archbishop Thomas Kleppinger. The consecration of Bp. Anthony Rasch as the coadjutor of the Diocese by Archbishop Thomas Kleppinger, Bp. Leo Michael and Bp. Henry King, thereby insuring the Chambers’ Succession. A great celebration of fellowship followed thereafter.
Bp. Rasch has been very active for 42 years as a priest on the West Coast, especially helping out two of the parishes of the Anglican Parish of Christ the King for the many years.This is another example of how at the grassroots level the people and the clergy have been working and collaborating together, when some hierarchy claim there is no communion. In fact, at Bp. Rasch’s consecration there were several members of the APCK congregation who received Holy Communion. There were others from various jurisdictions of the Chambers’ succession, It’s interesting to note that while the UECNA has been speaking on behalf of APCK and dismissing any commnunion with HCCAR, the defacto relationship proves otherwise, thanks be to God.
The HCCAR is very active and well with bishops who are faithful to God and His flock and continue the work entrusted to their care. By the way, true to the Affirmation of St. Louis all of our churches are and always have been owned by the individual congregations, contrary to those false tabloid story on St. James in Kansas city, especially on VirtueOnline, the Anglican Continuum website and the UECNA website. All that one has to do is to check the local county or state records of incorporation or speak with the founding and long standing members who are very much present.
We as their Bishops are there to protect our flock and our bishops have had the guts to stand up for the rights of the faithful people. Our College of Bishops have and will continue to stand up for what is right.
We hope and pray that those who have published falsehoods would consider undoing the damage they have done to the body of Christ and move forward in tending to the care and cure of their flock. Any talk about collaboration becomes a doublespeak, while actively engaging in slander against one of the legitimate bodies in the Chambers’ Succession or remaining silent at such talks.
HCCAR is faithful to the affirmation of St. Louis, with 1928 Prayerbook, ownership of the property and the apostolic tradition of the male clergy as the core essentials. Many of our bishops and bishop emeriti have participated in the Congress of St. Louis and they are aware of the core principles and the defence thereof. The College of Bishops has never wavered from these principles. There have been no instant ordinations or preferment within HCCAR. We stand strong in Christ as a Province in the Chambers’ Succession and Anglican Tradition, to the greater glory of God. Here is the testimonial from the retiring bishop of the Diocese of Pacific and Southwest.

In the Name of God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Ghost. Amen

We, David, by Divine permission, Lord Bishop of the Church and See of the Pacific & Southwest, send greetings to all the Clergy and Faithful of the Diocese. Tomorrow We shall be retired and you shall have a new Lord Bishop, Our well beloved brother the Right Reverend Henry Joseph King, and a Coadjutor, our equally beloved brother the Right Reverend Anthony F. Rasch. Looking back over the fifteen and a half years We have been your Bishop, Father Charles Wesley”s great spiritual song And are we yet alive, which has been sung by the Clergy of the Diocese to open every Clericus for many years comes to mind. The second and third stanzas are appropriate. “What troubles have we seen, What mighty conflicts past, Fightings without, and fears within, Since we assembled last ! Yet out of all the Lord Hath brought us by His love; And still He doth His help afford, And hides our life above.” Truly a picture of our experience together.

Many of the fightings and fears of the past are over and gone. The threat of the four lawsuits to take control of the Diocese or some of our Parishes or assets is over, the statute of limitations on the New Jersey lawsuit having run, seven of the opposing Bishops being dead, and the eighth in a nursing home outside the country, it appears that our Churches and property are safe from this threat. Nevertheless, Satan never sleeps. There are and will always be other, more subtle and deadly, as well as well as more comprehensive dangers to be faced.

The present economic and financial disaster engulfing our nation and the world is almost certain to continue and become much, much worse. This will provide a tremendous challenge to the faith and love of all Christians. Will we hold together as brothers and sisters of one another, sharing whatever resources we have with other members of our congregations as they have need, and reaching out to others with aid as we are able? We should also be preparing for this by establishing Parish food pantries and stocks against the day of need. Regular “pot luck” and parish common meals should be established, for fellowship as well as practical reasons.

The political climate is not much, if at all, better than the economic and financial one. It seems likely that we may see the election of a President and Congress which are fanatically devoted to an anti life agenda. The continued slaughter of innocent babies through abortion, the increase of “assisted suicide” and “euthanasia” legislation, and the preference for animal and even plant life over human life as well as the continued destruction of marriage and the family, are very real and grave possibilities if this happens.

In spite of all this the Lord still “doth His help afford,” and we can be confident that whatever life brings we can be “more than conquerors “ through Christ our Savior and Lord. So, as We lay down the burden and privilege of being your Bishop We bless you in the Name of the Lord and pray his guidance and protection for you and your new Bishops now and to the ages of ages. Amen.

Given under Our hand and seal Episcopal, this nineteenth day of September in the year of our Lord Two Thousand Eight, and of Our Consecration the sixteenth.
Pacific & Southwest