It Is God’s Grace Indeed

“The cry of every newborn reminds us that God is not yet tired of the world,” said Tagore the nobel laureate poet from India. Not just the occasion of the newborn, but our lives are filled so much with God’s visitations and encounters all the time. All we need to do is sit back and count the blessings and we will see Him present.
If you have reached your destination safely, its His grace.
If your needs are addressed today, His grace has been there.
Why, the fact that you are breathing is itself a lifetime miracle.
If you received an encouraging letter or instant message, it’s His grace.
If you have seen something beautiful or the smile or greeting of another fellow human being, it’s GOD’S GRACE INDEED.
To borrow St. Patrick’s words, He is there within you, without you, before you, behind you. CHERISH HIS COUNTENANCE AND LOVING PRESENCE THIS DAY.