HCCAR Haiti Relief Fund

Our hearts go out to all the innocents who have lost their lives and those who grieve the loss of their dear ones in this natural catastrophe. May the Lord comfort and heal those who have lost their dear ones. This brings back memories of Tsunami when it took a toll on innocent lives, who were swept away in their sleeps in houses that could barely withstand the onslaught of gusty wind. In Haiti, ravaged by poverty, their plight is all the more devastating. May we reach out to those in need especially at this great hour of desperate need.
We may not be able to help in big scale. But we could add our mite to their cause, especially to those of the children.Our Archbishop Thomas Kleppinger observes in writing to our province at this time of calamity: Please solicit donations in your parish for the relief of the people in Haiti. Many years ago I ordained Father Jean Bien-Aime who has his work centered in Port-au-Prince. The orphanage was totally destroyed but the children are o.k. for which we give thanks to the Lord. We will designate our relief monies for the children and those in his care.
Here’s what we can do to help! HCCAR has set up a Haiti Relief Fund: If you would like to contribute to this relief effort, please send your donation to HCCAR Haiti Relief, St. James Anglican Church, 8107 Holmes Road, Kansas City, MO 64131. We will ensure that every penny goes to this cause. May we reach out to our humanity in need.