Gabriel’s Youth Community

Hello Teens!
Now it’s your turn to be in the spotlight! St. Gabriel’s is proud of each of you, and you are going to be such a powerhouse for our Awesome God through Gabriel’s Youth Community (GYC).
The GYC will meet each Sunday at 9:00 a.m. in the undercroft. There are a lot of things being planned so you can have a great time and at the same time grow in the deeper knowledge and love of our Lord.
I am very pleased to announce that Annette Lay will lead the GYC as its Director. Annette had been the Youth Director at St. Thomas’ Episcopal Church in Springdale, and we are so thankful that she has agreed to accept this responsibility for us.
I want to thank all of you kids who participated in our first GYC Camp Out. Still recovering from the ticks and bug bites? Let’s all thank Ed Knox, our Senior Warden, for the wonderful time we had at CAMP KNOX. Thanks also to Lindsay Johanson for her valuable presence at the camp.
Since there is a lot of thanking going on in this post, the best way to thank everyone is to LIFT THEM UP TO THE LORD IN PRAYER. Let us pray for each other.

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