Passing on the Wellness Wish

Hello again! Glad to touch base with you after a brief spell. I have been visiting Jean Chase, who is recuperating at Washington Regional. I also had a wonderful visit with Don Gregory at Northwest Medical Center. Don was hillarous. He introduced me to the dietician as “Dr. Leo from the Middle East” and told her to watch out for my bombs. Returning the humor, I said “yes, I do bombard the minds of people and touch their hearts with His Gospel.” What grace-filled moments these were, as I was able to share with them God’s words of comfort and love and give them His Body as spiritual food.
Hospitals are not homey certainly. I don’t wish that for anybody. If we should land there, the first few days would be hard to focus on anything else other than our health. But then there would come moments of boredom, wondering what to do. It is in these moments that we could take time to pray for others who are in a more serious health situation than ourselves — someone known to us or perhaps even a stranger.
Emmanuel “God with us” is ever at our side, especially in moments of sickness and struggle. Once we receive His comforting presence, shall we not pass it on to others?