Love to Belong

After our great worship each Sunday, the coffee hour bustles with life — visitors and parishioners in a pleasant exchange. There is a new exhuberance in everyone, and there are exciting future plans in the offing. In addition to our Women’s Auxiliary, we are starting a Women’s Ministry, a wonderful opportunity for women in Spirituality. There will be a Men’s Guild (in traditional Episcopalian terms it was known as The Brotherhood of St. Andrew) and of course there is the GYC — Gabriel’s Youth Community.
St. Gabriel’s has been experiencing the touch of Divine Providence and the power of God’s Spirit. There is a greater sense of belonging and love for the house of God. While we humbly follow His ways and accept His graciousness, we pray for His continued guidance.
May His presence guide us all wherever we are.

Congregation, Ministries, Reflections