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B for the Book of Books-BIBLE:

Watch King James Bible 400th Anniversary on PBS. See more from Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly.

King James Version of the Bible 400th Anniversary

God spoke and everything came to be. God guided a nation out of bondage into His own marvelous light. God spoke through prophets and ultimately through His only Son. God loved us so much that He gave His only Son. And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us. God continues to inspire us through His Word.

The Holy Bible inspired great world leaders as Abraham Lincoln and also Mahatma Gandhi, a Hindu: Here’s an excerpt of the conversation between Andrew Charles, an English Clergy man and Gandhi when they see two youth fighting on the street in the movie Gandhi.

GANDHI: Doesn’t the New Testament say, “If your enemy strikes you on the right cheek, offer him the left”?

CHARLIE: I think perhaps the phrase was used metaphorically . . . I don’t think our Lord meant –

GANDHI: I’m not so certain. I have thought about it a great deal. I suspect he meant you must show courage – be willing to take a blow – several blows – to show you will not strike back – nor will you be turned aside . . . And when when you do that it calls upon something in human nature – something that makes his hate for you diminish and his respect increase. I think Christ grasped that and I – I have seen it work.

Without a blow in retaliation, Gandhi won India its independence through non violence. The Power of Bible – Book of Books.

James attends our church and every time he sees me, he says: Jesus said ‘Sin no more’ ‘and he meant it’.

At times when God’s word is diluted to make it appealing to people, how sad and how dare we do such a thing in His name!

B for Book of Common Prayer: When praying of the Breviary (The Liturgy of the hours) only reserved for clergy, for the first time such a prayer book was made available for everyone, hence Common Prayer. Its first edition was in 1662 (Book of Common Prayer 1662). To this day, it addresses God in respectful language, the very language from King James Version. And its version of 1928 is what we follow in our worship, which is God centered and liturgical, with beautiful hymns and chants. God is worshipped in the beauty of holiness  in terms of “Thee” and “Thou” and not in familiar or street language.

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  1. “Without a blow in retaliation, Gandhi won India its independence through non violence. The Power of Bible – Book of Books.”
    Thank you Bishop Leo !
    Oh how I wish more Christians would take Jesus’ words from the Sermon on the Mount seriously. If we did we could win so many more to Christ when they see true love in action.
    Blessings of Peace,
    Rodd Umlauf

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