C is for Church – AtoZ blog challenge

Church is not just a building, it’s a family. Being a pastor and Bishop I see all churches as extensions of our immediate families and we all form the Body of Christ. We are a family!

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(Photo: Waltham Abbey Sanctuary by Bishop Leo Michael)

A saying is that some to church on three occasions: when they are hatched, matched or dispatched. But there is so much love and belongingness in between all these significant moments. Anytime, someone hurts, it hurts us too. At our church we care for one another, thank Goodness that we are not lost in the crowd nor are we targeted.  We worship, we pray, we sing, we fellowship.

The relationship that we build in church is just not earthy, it is eternal. Every joy we share, every tear we dry, every burden we bear, every cup of water we offer, we do it to the Lord Christ. If there is no Christ in it at all, there is no church. We are the people, the sheep of His flock. We are all fellow sojourners en route to heaven – in the meantime nourishing ourselves with God’s Word and Sacraments. Someday, when He will come in all glory, we will join him to meet all our dear ones who have gone to heaven and worship God eternally. If my church can give me that faith and confidence, I’m on the right track!

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  1. I agree that church should be an extension of family. I think church should be family. For most of our married life, my husband and I have lived far from blood relatives, but we have felt loved and nutured by our church families.

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