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Since X is hard to come by in the Anglican glossary, I blog in terms x times: Borrowing from the Greek concept of Chronos and Chiros! (Photo courtesy Web Art Gallery)

Time also is measured in terms of chronos, the chronological times and chiros the chirological one, the momentousness of time > Or as someone put it, ‘Chronos is counted in minutes and seconds- human time and Chiros is counted in value and quality- God’s time’
Every chronos can be turned into chiros when we fully live the Christian calling and invest in the kingdom to come, where no thieves break in and no moth shall destroy.

The possibility of converting a chronos into chiros is available in the liturgical year, when we come to acknowledge and mark the milestones of salvation along the course of human calendar in the Liturgical year. Its fitting that we keep the times as Anno Domini, Year of our Lord. During every Liturgical year as in Calendar years, the church offers times of grace that we can access, the mercy of God we can bask in and the strength to carry on and mature as a child of God. Though we were not there two thousand years ago, all the salvific blessings can be ours if we enter in faith. The Lord provides us the same through the action of the Holy Spirit.

Speaking of times, and end times, people have been talking about end times and wonder if 2012 would be the end. What is certain is the Second Coming.

When there was so much hype about the end of the world, prophesy etc, our focus is to remain faithful to the Lord and live a life that is worthy of our Christian calling, that when He does come, we will not be surprised or shocked.

So long as we have the eternal perspective we will not be mislead or disoriented: There is a simple prayer that makes this very conscious at all times: “I come from God, I belong to God and I go back to God” Everything done, thought and said in terms of this axiom is just fine.

That also addresses the parting from this world, when death the inevitable must happen. It is a faithful life to the Gospel that transcends all the aspects of life, that matters. Death will not be the end but the beginning.”For thy faithful O Lord, life is not ended but changed.”

It is in this eternal perspective, we want all of us to continue living our lives to the fullest in Worshipping and serving Him and to be one day with Him in heaven!

As we are almost close to the end of the AtoZ Blog Challenge, want to share this thought on our eternal and everlasting perspective which should drive our efforts, thoughts and actions. Here is the hymn asking the Lord to “Abide with me”

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