We Have The Same Boss

This Saturday, Holly and I drove to Eureka Springs to celebrate Holy Communion with John and Marge Parkhurst. What a great experience to share the Sacrament with this wonderful couple who have been married for over 50 years and have been very faithful to their Morning and Evening Prayers. Even their cat, Maumo, is in attendance when it’s time for Prayer. God bless the three of them!
After the service, we headed to Hillspeak to meet with Captain Swindells, from whom we received a vestment, prayer books and hymnals for the Bella Vista Mission. It was time for lunch, so we drove to a local restaurant. Eureka Springs hosts special events each weekend, and this time it was a BMW rally. We drove around in circles to find a parking space and thought we would pull up alongside the driveway without disturbing the traffic. A gentleman rushed out and told us not to park there, but then he saw that I was a clergyman and said “well, pull up a little in front and park.” Thank God!
As we stepped out of the car, he said, “You must be from India.” I knew he was Roman Catholic from his pendant. I said “yes” and asked him about his pastor in Eureka Springs, who is also from India. I told him I was an Anglican priest, and to this he replied, “We have the same boss — never mind Anglican or Roman!”
WE HAVE THE SAME BOSS. What a wonderful sentiment and what a great analogy. No matter what denomination we belong to in the corporate body of the Church, we all have the same boss — the same CEO — our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!