Plumber’s theology

I called a plumbing company to take care of the sewer pump that has been giving trouble in the church. So the guy came and looked at it, filled the tank to the test the pump, but the loud noise continued. 

We got to know each other in a short while, and began to talk about church, etc. He thought I was going to convert him and I allayed his fears. I was trying to be nice to him, as it was a nasty job. He said we needed to repalce the pump with the float and that it would be expensive. Asking how to keep costs down, his temporary suggestion was that we turn it off at night and turn it back on in the morning. His colleague, Dewey, came up with the suggestion which he typed in the receipt.









 After reading the receipt, I said, “if you think I’m so dumb that I would have to connect 110 +110 extension cord to get 220,

it implies that I’m a fool in your mind. Do you know what happens to those who call others ‘fool’? By the Lord’s standard: ‘Hell!.”(Mt 5:22)


I saw his face turn serious. I was playing with him, as I knew he was kidding. I maintained my cool and told him to tell Dewey what I told him. He thought  he

would be in serious trouble but then considered his colleagues at the office would have a good laugh. I said, “not at the customer’s expense. I will call you boss.”

I explained that I was kidding when he began to worry. He couldn’t help laughing when I said “Don’t you mess with God nor his clergy”.


Thought the whole episode was funny but we had serious theological discussions too, all over a busted sewer pump.

Life is like this