Mothers Day Musings Countdown 12: Because you are mothers!

The countdown for the Mothers Day has begun. Starting today, I would like to muse on all of our godly mothers and thank God for them and appreciate them for being  the world’s greatest mom for each one of us!

These days, the birthing of any child is usually within the safe environs of a hospital, unlike mine, a home delivery by a village mid-wife, a hard one for my mother because of my big head. Extra prayers were needed for the delivery, my mother told me. I’m thankful for my mom and for the gift of life.

Having been a chaplain for most of my adult years, I have witnessed the joy despite the laborious pains, the sense of fulfillment after the release, an intimate connectivity that is fostered within the womb and goes beyond the umbilical cord, even after it’s severed. Every sneeze or cough of the child does not go unnoticed by the moms, so is every word and action, good and bad. Nothing is hidden from a mother’s eyes and insight. Perhaps that’s why every person fears their mom and would not do things or say certain things if their mother was sitting next to them, not just from fear, but out of reverential respect.

Because you are mothers, you shared your bloodline, your lifeline with us when you carried us within your wombs, we love you. Because you are mothers, even while we were within the womb you cared for us so much that you were careful what to eat and not to eat lest they harm us, we love you. Because you are mothers, who have borne enormous sacrifice without ever complaining, we love you.

Our hearts beat because of you. We are somebody, because of you.
When the whole world takes this time of the year to greet you, we want to say we love you.

 Batoni Pompeo, Madonna and child 1756, Courtesy Web Art Gallery.jpg

The greatest mother on earth is the theotokos, the God bearer, the Blessed Virgin Mary (Picture by Batoni Pompeo, Courtesy of WebArtGallery). Here are some highlights of her life as the mother of the Son of God: The joy of the Savior’s birth when announced, the privilege of carrying the son of God within her womb, the wonderment at the appearances of shepherds, angels and kings of heaven and earthly realm, to give him a name “Jesus” one who will save people from their sins, when taken to the temple to hear the troubling prophecy that ‘this child would be responsible for the rise and fall of many’, the dangerous flight into Egypt to protect the “most wanted child” from the wrath of Herod, the joy of introducing her son, when others needed to be spared from embarrassment at the wedding feast, with a polite and yet a rightful demand of a mother, ‘son they have no wine’, the times she witnessed the Son of God heal the sick, raise the dead, multiply food and feed thousands, the time when her son was betrayed by one of his close friends, the time when he was denied by another friend, the times that she was rebuffed because he was of lowly birth – a carpenter’s child, the times when the crowd acclaimed as king with their hosannas, only shortly thereafter to with their ‘crucify him’ demands, to see her son beaten almost to death, to see him whipped and scourged, to see him carry the cross like a bandit, to see him crucified before her very eyes and raised between two thieves, to hear her own son give her away to his disciples as a mother, to have the dead body of her son cradled in their arm, to bury his body in a borrowed tomb, to rejoice with His resurrection, to witness him ascend into heaven, to pray with the apostles in the upper room awaiting the coming of the Holy Spirit and birth of the church. She is the most famous mom in the whole wide world.

You are a mother too and I know that you share a lot in common with her.



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