Reblogging Holly Michael: Smashing the Bad Guys to Smithereens

What’s Hulk doing on my blog:
My husband and I watched The Avengers with our teenage son the other day. Truly, my favorite part of the movie was when Loki, the evil demigod dude says: “Enough! All of you are beneath me. I am a god, you dull creature and I shall not be bullied…”
Then the Incredible Hulk picks up Loki and smashes him into the floor like a rag doll and says, “Puny god.” I leapt out of my seat, whooped, and spilled Coke Zero all over the guy in front of me. Read more

Avengers a great movie, indicative of the ongoing struggle with good and evil and when some evil assume that they are invested with ultimate power, there are those who are empowered by the Almighty Power of God. If God be for us who can be against us!(Romans 8:38) With God, all things are possible (Matthew 19:26), For nothing is impossible with God (Lk1:37) nothing is invincible!

Life is like this