Priest, Prius & Police Officer

En route to Greeley, Colorado, on Highway 70, three miles to Goodland, we ran out of gas. Thought the next exit would have a gas station and hit the hazard light and pulled over. Talk of Providence!
A Kansas State Trooper immediately pulls behind us.image001.jpg (Picture Courtesy of Kansas State Trooper website.)
Coming closer, the Police Officer asks for my ID and says, “So you are a priest? What’s the problem?”
“We ran out of gas.”
He said, “How can a Prius run out of gas?” He said the next gas station was three miles away and he offered to help. “If I don’t help a priest, who else?”
Had a good ride in the police car. He took me to the nearest gas station. I could only imagine me calling for a tow truck to bring me gasoline or walking those miles to get gas in the hot sun.
The officer went into the gas station and asked for a gas can. The Lady went to the shed to get it. The officer sniffed the can and says, “This smells like diesel.” The Lady handed him another can and we pumped gas and got back to the car.
This was my first time ride in a police car and boy was he loaded with guns! He was very kind and brought me back to the Prius while my wife was waiting in the car.
“I’ll make sure you are safe,” he said. He stood right behind me alongside the road with his car lights flashing. A car was speeding in the slow lane and he threw up his arms at them saying, “Guys can’t you at least move to the next lane?”
Perhaps the speeding SUV could have hit him. He was willing to protect me at his own cost. God bless that officer and his family.
I thank the Lord for His providence in providing a police officer when his priest (bishop) was stuck in a Prius without gasoline on a freeway. God bless the police officer and his family. Wish I took a picture of him! But I will never forget his help he gave me in the sweltering heat!
Just in case some thought that the Prius can run on battery to the next gas station, its incorrect. Prius quits working once the gas runs out. Empty means get to the gas station.