Holy Saturday


Holy Saturday: Saddest day in the life of every Christian – The God who left his heavenly abode died on the Cross – the death of a criminal and has been interred in a tomb.

It’s difficult to imagine Jesus’ gruesome death on the cross, yet He endured it for us. Imagine the whips that the body of our divine Savior endured. A minor headache is so unbearable for us and yet there was the crown of thorns piercing through his head, throbbing with pain. The tunic bathed in blood had stuck to his flesh, any move opens the wounds with bursts of pain. Not counting the slaps, the kicks and the spitting and all the derogatory things that his ears heard.

With the sense of abandonment as though from God and his reliable core group, he is alone, praying in the garden, alone being scourged, alone being jeered at, alone being accused, alone being dragged to trials, alone in his carrying the cross to Calvary, alone being crucified, alone hanging on the cross until that surrender, It is finished: into thy hands I commend my spirit.

It’s nice to look at the empty cross in many churches – reminding of the resurrection. The price that the Lamb of God priced was not that pretty. The Cross with the corpus of Christ, should remind us what He did for us. That sacrifice of Calvary should never be forgotten. The crucifix will be a reminder of our own contribution to the crucifixion – it’s just not the Roman soldiers, who carried out the execution nor the Jewish leaders of Jesus’ days that witnessed it, my sin, your sin, our sins caused it.

If it’s truly our sins that caused this to our Savior, how could we embrace sin or associate with it or its author the Father of Lies – Satan?

Thankfully we are in 2013 and we now know what happened – that the Son of God who died descended into HELL. What? Yes, Hell. And he will wake up all those asleep since Adam – all those who bore the banner of God’s prophetic message about the savior, will be met in their own chambers. And He will rise again.

Indeed, He is truly the Son of God who died, was buried, and yes He will rise to life as He promised. This Risen savior is not foreign to us and our life situations. He has borne our stripes. He knows our pain – whatever pain it be, He knows our tears. He has overcome even death! Our God who is alive. Who can be present everywhere, even before, but now in His resurrected body. He is in heaven and is at our beck and call, when we call His Name, when we gather in His Name, when we think of His Name – JESUS – THE ONE WHO SAVES HIS PEOPLE FROM SIN. His grace is ours. We wait in hope. The Easter dawn tells of His Resurrection. He is not here, He is Risen. Put your hands to my side and believe. Blessed are those who have not seen me and yet believe.

Jesus is the ultimate victor! Neither sin, shame, nor death could contain Him. No person nor deity in the history has come to save us and in order to redeem us, has endured death, burial and came back alive from the dead. My God, our God , HE LIVES. There is joy, there is peace, in returning to Him!

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