Episcopalians: More Catholic Than Catholics

This morning we learned that Marge Parhurst was at the Boozman Clinic in Rogers for post-operative care and check-up, along with Gena her friend. Marge is doing well after her second cataract surgery on her right eye. Please pray for her.
As it was Marge’s turn to meet the doctor she went with a nurse, while a couple came by me and said: “Are you a priest?” (Of course I was with in my clergyman’s dress). I said “Yes I am. I am an Episcopalian Priest” “Are you from India?” “Yes I am.” “Oh, we have a priest from India too as our pastor, and he is great story teller!” said Eileen. Thus began our conversation with Bill and Eileen. My wife, Holly also joined in.
The conversation ranged from the Pope to the difficulties of the Episcopalians, Baptists etc. While speaking of the Roman Catholic Church with a few of their priests abusing children, Bill said, “My father and grandfather would turn in their grave at the fact of the pedophile priests.” He went on to add that Episcopalians “are more catholic than the Catholics.” He has a friend who is so devoted to the Episcopal Church.
What impressed me is the simple faith these people have in human intermediaries, namely their priests. They expect so much of you as the custodian of faith and morals. But when that erodes, their whole world is shaken. Bill said that as a child he was told to abstain from meat on Fridays, but later as an adult he came to learn that it was the church’s law in order to help out the fish market that was going down the tubes.
May God bless the people’s faith in their pastors. May the pastors measure up to their expectations so that they may practice what they preach.