What’s Next? Compassion or Compromise?

This is in reference to the story �What Next,� in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette (click here to read the full article), evaluating the impact of Gene Robinson�s bishopric on ECUSA and other churches. Our church pondered over this article, and I wish to clarify the aspect of “compassion” quoted by ECUSA.
“Compassion” is not the exclusive claim of ECUSA alone. Most churches are naturally loving and compassionate. Being compassionate after the heart of Christ and reaching out to everyone is indeed Christian and not solely Episcopalian by any means. However, a distinction needs to be made between compassion and compromise — between reaching out to people versus subscribing and promoting what is incorrect Biblically. The paradigm is given by our Lord in the instance of the woman caught in adultery standing before her accusers who wished her dead. Jesus said �Has no one condemned you? Neither do I,� but He also instructed her to �Go and sin no more.�
With Christ’s compassion came the duty to correct her wrong ways. Jesus did not patronize adultery as the modern “champions of compassion” do in the context of homosexuality and other issues. In Christian parlance, there needs to be a dividing line between what is sin and what is grace. It would be a disgrace to accord sin the status of grace.
Exclusive claims of compassion to the detriment of morality and time-honored traditional family values, need careful consideration. Approving what is Biblically incorrect in order to make people feel comfortable requires a lot of soul searching. The Church, as an institution and guardian of faith and morals, needs to be be compassionate while also being forthright and continuing to do its duty.

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