Invitation to the Eternal Banquet

The Bible often refers to salvation as a banquet, a banquet associated with God�s final victory. Invitation to the eternal banquet: the significance of this message is for their time as well as for all times.
For Jesus� times: The first invited guests are the people of Israel. The servants who went out with invitation are the prophets. Ages ago, the Israelites accepted to be His chosen people. But they changed their heart. One went to the farm, the other went to attend his business. They were both not bad things in themselves. But the reason for the king being so upset with them is the insult they brought upon rejecting his invitation after having accepted it. To accept the invitation and turn it down was serious, because the king sending the invitation is God the Father. The reason for the party is the union of God with humankind in the person of Jesus.
For all times: We have accepted the invitation and commitment to God�s salvation plan in our baptism and confirmation. It is not a one-time deal to don a baptismal cloak. The robe of righteousness needs to shine on. Our yes to the Lord is not a momentary or a temporary one. Our commitment to God must grow too. If not it will atrophy and die.
The wedding garment expected of us is a personal commitment required in order to take our place at the feast. The Holy Eucharist is the eternal banquet left by Jesus as a memorial of His passion, death and resurrection until His coming again. Jesus said, �I will not drink this cup until the very day when I drink it new with you in my father�s kingdom� (Mt 26:29). Let us feed on Him with faith and thanksgiving, until His second coming.