God Bless You For Your Love And Care!

Dearest Members,
Thought I could catch up with you all and THANK YOU for your kindness and love in helping us to relocate close to the church. Your pastor is only a phone call and a few doors away. We would love to see St.Gabriel’s grow. Holly and I are dedicated to St.Gabriel’s prosperity.
God has been gracious to us in so many little ways. Our family is glad that we are closer to the church, that is, closer to all of you. Our special thanks to Vicky and Matt Drachenberg for coordinating the effort and to all from Bella Vista — The Vawters, The Crosses, The Critellis, The Drachenbergs — also The Lays, our senior warden Ed Knox, The Johansons, The Websters, Walt Swindells and all those who have helped us in one way or the other.
May GOD bless you all.