As we are approaching Fathers Day, I wanted to draw strength and inspiration from the Scriptures and how Jesus portrayed God in His teaching as God the Loving Father.  Reliance on God’s Word is always helpful: Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path (119:105)

We were steeped in our Diocesan and Provincial Synods with delegates from near and far gathered at the Cathedral Parish of St. James Anglican Church in Kansas City. The clarion call was to PRESERVE, PROTECT and PASS ON THE FAITH ONCE DELIVERED.

As I was posting my reflection on the Fatherhood of God on Facebook, my wife referred an article to me from The Telegraph  Calls to overhaul service texts refer to God as Mother.

Support is growing within the Church of England to rewrite its official liturgy to refer to God as female following the selection of the first women bishops.

Growing numbers of priests already insert words such as “she” and “mother” informally into traditional service texts as part of a move to make the language of worship more inclusive, it has been claimed.

But calls for a full overhaul of liturgy to recognise the equal status of women have already been discussed informally at a senior level.

Never mind the Church of England’s break with the apostolic line of succession through the consecration of Libby Lane (the first female bishop) and its ignoring of a God fearing dissenting voice that was overruled at her consecration…

A protester disrupts the consecration the Church of England’s first female bishop. Around an hour into the service at York Minster the congregation if it is their will that Reverend Libby Lane be ordained, the congregation replied ‘it is’. But one man shouted: ‘No. Not in the bible.’ He was later identified as Reverend Paul Williamson

…The Scripture is very clear when Jesus addressed God as Abba Father.

AbbaFather-Bishop Leo Michael HCCAR

St. Paul also warns us in Ephesians:

windofdoctrine - Bishop Leo Michael HCCAR

In case of doubt its always good to rely on the unchanging Word of God.


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