Reaching out to Tsunami Victims

Having lived and served in the coastal areas of Tamil Nadu, Southern India, I can fathom the devastation it has cost the poor and defenceless fisherfolks of the coastal region.
There are a few who have their private part of the coastline for weekends, but most depend on the sea for their livelihood and therefore make the coastline their habitat. Their houses are simple structures, simple enough to have a roof over their heads and the sidings to block the wind, made of thatched coconut leaves. For most part the sea has been part and parcel of their lives and they never feared it all until they were engulfed by the waves that breached its confines as a result of Tsunami. TSUNAMI from now on will be remembered and registered as the destroyer.
Your help will go a long way to assist people who have suffered the loss of their children and children who have lost their parents. I have been in touch with Fr. Michael in Chennai who has assured me all funds will reach the victims. If need be I might go in person to India and take care of the relief efforts myself.
CUDDALORE (literally meaning Sea Town) has been the worst hit along with Nagapatnam where there is a Shrine of the Blessed Virgin, Vailankanni. Lots of lives have been lost, mostly children. In Chennai, there are 500 children whose homes are washed off and they have no food, clothing or shelter. I want to make sure that these funds reach the needy for whom they are being accepted.

People over the world, reach out your hands touch one another
People over the world, we are the same, just sisters and brothers
We have one life to live, so much to give and so much to share
There is love to be found, just look around there’s happiness there

These lines of a popular song just invite to reach out to each other in times of natural disaster and calamity. May His blessings be yours as you care to wipe the tears of your sister and brother.
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