Breaking News! Local Children Undertake Tsunami Relief “Pennies” Drive

Local Children Undertake “Pennies Drive”
Today after service, St. Gabriel’s had its potluck luncheon in the Undercroft, as is our tradition on the first Sunday of each month. This was a particularly special Sunday, because it was the first Sunday service after we started our Tsunami Relief Drive. We had such a good turn-out at the Church, of parishioners and visitors. We are truly thankful.
During potluck, several children volunteered their personal efforts to help the people in our region of interest in South India. This is our breaking story!
Mckayla Cochran, seven years of age, laid the groundwork for her personal fundraising drive:

“I’m planning on filling my whole penny bank, and if they need more money, I’ll try to fill it up even more.”

Mckayla’s little brother Ian, aged five, also volunteered his efforts, as well as their friend Mary, aged four.
Older sister and friend Mckayla has been placed in charge of this drive, to assure her little brother and friend follow through on their promise. She and her brother and friend are so very smart that we are sure they can handle this effort smoothly, especially with Mckayla’s excellent guidance.
Shanti and Carlos Carbajal are also great friends of St. Gabriel’s. Here is a picture of them with Fr. Leo today.