Exciting Times at St. Gabriel’s

This is a very busy and exciting time for St. Gabriel’s and the UECNA. We returned from our trip to South India and went straight into preparations for Lent. Additionally, we’ve held confirmation classes and classes for four postulants to the Diaconate.
On Sunday, March 6th — The Fourth Sunday in Lent — Bishop Reber will be at St. Gabriel’s presiding over what should be a magnificent ceremony. Beginning at 10:00 on this day, new members will be officially welcomed to the Church, confirmations will be performed, four postulants will be ordained as Deacons and our beloved Deacon Timon Barr will be ordained to the priesthood. Following this approximately two-hour ceremony, a catered luncheon will be held in the undercroft. All parishioners are invited — indeed encouraged — to attend.
This coming Saturday, March 5th, Deacon Sam Seamans in Mountain Home will also be ordained to the priesthood. While Fr. Leo is attending this ceremony, our parishioners will gather at St. Gabriel’s for a work day in preparation for Sunday’s extraordinary gathering. We must make God’s house especially beautiful to celebrate these blessed events.
Our Senior Warden Ed Knox, Rafael Carbajal, Dr. Bobby Hall from Bella Vista, and Scott Lay will be ordained to the Diaconate. Our long-serving Deacon, Timon Barr, will be ordained to the priesthood. St. Gabriel’s is indeed blessed to have several good men step forward to serve Christ and the Church in this way. These ordinations, along with the confirmations and formal acceptance of new members, indicates life and growth in our Parish. This is so vital in these troubled times where so many are fallen away from not just the Christian faith, but faith and belief in God in general. It is especially important for Christ’s faithful to maintain and to grow the Church, and receiving strong, faithful men into the Diaconate and Priesthood is an indication that we are succeeding. May these blessed events serve as an example and inspire others to embrace a life devoted to Christ and Christian principles.
We invite all parishioners to attend Sunday’s service at 10:00 a.m. We also invite everyone to join us Saturday at 10:00 a.m. to help beautify our church and organize in preparation for the Bishop’s visit.

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