Fishers of Men

Our special service yesterday, March 6th, was a tremendous success. 173 parishioners and guests attended this Ordination of Deacons and Priest, Confirmation, and Formal Acceptance of New Members. The catered luncheon in the undercroft afterward was also a resounding success.
I would like to personally thank all church members who volunteered their time and worked hard to assure that St. Gabriel’s looked Her best and that both the service and the luncheon ran smoothly. Thanks also to the five men of our Parish — Timon Barr, Edward Knox, Rafael Carbajal, Bobby Hall and Scott Lay — who recognized in them a higher calling and dedicated themselves in service of the Lord.
Our main church site’s Clergy page has been updated to reflect the many changes that have occurred. Please click HERE to read about Father Timon Barr and all of our new volunteers. Please click HERE to read about our four new Deacons.
Thanks again to each of our parishioners for working hard to assure our guests felt welcome and this blessed event went smoothly. Thanks also to Bishop Reber for inspiring us to recognize and fulfill the calling God has for each of us.

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