With Terri Schiavo forced to battle for life and the High School shooting in Minnesotta in the news, it makes one wonder who has authority over life ultimately.
In the case of Terri, it is more humane and divine to sustain her with food and let her face her natural death rather than starve her to death. It is DAY FOUR that she has been starved. Without getting into a debate, the fact remains that we are finite beings and have absolutely have no right over ours or anothers life. God is the ultimate author of life, from whom we came and to whom we shall return. Coming into this world was not a matter of choice for all of us, it is a gift and life is a gift. What we make of our life between our coming and going is our gift back to God.
In the latter case, no one has right to have claim on others lives as LIFE IS PRECIOUS and again God is the author of life. Except when life offered in sacrifice as in the case of war or in this Holy Week, where Jesus offered Himself as a ransom for redeeming the entire humanity from sin and slavery and winning all of us for God.
Leave it to God. Pray. And let Him make the final call.