Commemorating the three hours of Jesus’ Passion and Death, this noon we were in sync with the GOOD FRIDAY LITURGY. We celebrated the Way of the Cross and we pondered on the LAST SEVEN WORDS OF JESUS. Father forgive them… My GOD why have you forsaken me…I thirst… Behold your mother..behold your son… Today you will be with me in paradise… Into your hands I commend my spirit O Lord… It is finished. As we heard these very phrases re-echoed in our lives through the powerful sharing of the Laity, I sat on the pew listening to them. WOW! Were we not feeling the POWER and PRESENCE OF THE SPIRIT. Our eyes welled up as we listened to these words of Jesus reflected from the personal faith experience and perspective. They spoke from their deep Christ experience and were so potent in sharing the wisdom, love and knowledge of Christ. We were all moved. That was what needed in order to fathom the lenght and breadth, the height and depth of Christ’s love for us sinners. It was just not GOOD FRIDAY. It was GOD FRIDAY. We know that we are loved by our loving God who cares for us even through the death of His own and Only Son.