Adieu Great Shepherd!

The world has lost a great spiritual leader and a shepherd. Regardless of who the local representatives of the church are, Pope John Paul II was a charismatic spiritual leader who constantly guided his flock to the heart of Christ.
As we have committed him to the earth, we pray that he will share the kingdom promised for us since the foundation of the world and the kingdom for which he tirelessly worked.
I remember his great pilgrimage to India in 1987 and my own pilgrimage to Rome and my concelebration of the Papal mass with him in November 2001. It was a privileged moment to be celebrating the Holy Eucharist with the holy man of God. For all the great memories he has left us, for all the great values he defended and stood for, we owe him a debt of gratitude.
May he rest in peace Amen.

In Memorium, Reflections