The Good Shepherd Sunday and UECNA

Wow! What a great reflection for the church to ponder on the character and qualities of a faithful shepherd of Christ. Just as He is the GOOD SHEPHERD and not a hireling who will run for life in case of danger and leave the sheep to the onslaught of the robbers. Nor the shepherd of this calibre would mislead his flocks to terrains that are not safe and dubious. This imagery of the good shepherd applies to our times, our church leaders NOW more than ever.
Rooted in the Scriptures, enshrining tradition, a good shepherd would lay down his life for his sheep just as the GOOD SHEPHERD did. We are the flock and He is the Shepherd. We need to listen to His voice and get to know Him just as He knows each of us individually.
A pastor in today’s circumstances needs to be faithful to this GOOD SHEPHERD and protect the flock entrusted to his care with truth, integrity and honesty, ever leading them closer to the heart of Christ.
The United Episcopal Church of North America, is not interested in owning properties and wealth (As a matter of fact, the property where the churches are, belong to the people) but is deeply focussed on the spiritual care of the flock entrusted to its care. We do not compromise on Scriptures or tradition and the great familial values of the traditions we have inherited and will be passing on to the generations to come.