Seeking Your Prayers

Tonight, as a pastor, I feel out of my wits. Many of my sheep are in need of God’s healing touch. So I am reaching out to the rest of the flock seeking your powerful prayers for their health and well being.
I need your prayers for a person who has resigned to let go of his life and spending last few days on this earth, after having been treated by so much of chemotherapy. I feel for his family to accept such a difficult decision. I need your prayers for people who are undergoing surgery in the hospital tomorrow morning.
Heavenly Father,
You know our thoughts and minds and bodies. Let your Holy Spirit support and sustain, heal and comfort them through these moments of their surgery. Thou knowest us Lord through and through. Be near those who are in need of thy loving touch right now. In Jesus’ name we pray. AMEN.

Just as I was typing this tonight, I receive a call from my brother that he has problems with the heart.
I know that God is near to us than we can imagine. He will continue to care for us. I entrust everyone in His loving hands tonight as I retire to rest.

Reflections, Request for Prayers